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We are an independent firm, free of many of the conflicts that can arise at larger advisory firms as a result of their assorted reseller, sales and other activities. We believe that recent instances of perceived or actual conflicts of interest, and a desire to avoid any potential future conflicts, have increased the demand by managements for trusted, unbiased advice from professionals whose main product is advice.

Experienced People

Our team concentrates on solving complex problems and executing specialized strategies. We strive to maintain and enhance our base of highly talented professionals and pride ourselves on being able to offer clients more senior-level attention than may be available from many of our competitors.


We are focused on two primary businesses—Advisory Services and Management Consulting— rather than on a broad range of services. We believe this focus has helped, and will continue to help, us attract clients and recruit professionals who want to work in a firm where these activities are the central focus.


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

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