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"As a police department communications is priority number one. HHW Group not only helped us address our licensing issues, but went above and beyond to ensure the safety of our officers."


Sgt. Koenig
Rumson Borough Police Department

"I found out that my new client had been operating on a frequency for which they had never obtained a license from the FCC. I knew that this was important and worked with HHW Group to get the licensing issues in order. Within 24 hours, HHW had my client operating legally with an STA while completing, filing and receiving a new license from the FCC.

Given the potential fines that my client could have faced, the money spent with HHW Group made this investment a no brainer. I now send all of my licensing needs to HHW Group and recommend them to anyone looking for licensing services."

Fred Illg
Mobile Techtronics Inc
Clark, New Jersey

"We were in need of an additional frequency for our operations. Since I am familiar with FCC licensing I was thinking about doing it myself. However due to the congestion in our area I found it almost impossible. Additionally, all of the companies told me that a new frequency in our area was a dream we wouldn't be able to realize.

Luckily, we engaged HHW Group and they worked through all of the issues for us including coordinating with the frequency coordinator and the FCC on our behalf. In the end, we were able to successfully license a new channel for our needs. Also, HHW group kept me constantly updated during the process and not once did we feel out of loop.

I'm glad that we ended up using HHW's licensing services and would recommend them to anyone needing these services."


Daniel W
Nutley Volunteer Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc.

"HHW Group's licensing services were great! It was a pleasure working with them to obtain licenses for our business' new operation. We also missed a FCC filing and HHW was able to get the same frequencies back for us.

HHW's license management service also assisted us in not falling into the same situation and monitored our license and made sure that our filing was done on time securing our license. This saved us time and ultimately money.

HHW's service is great and we would definitely use them again."


F. Travisano
Meadowlands Hospital EMS

"We were in desperate need of an additional frequency to move from our antiquated and unstable simplex system to a more stable and reliable repeater system, we engaged HHW Group as they were highly recommended. HHW Group understood the severity of our situation and that officer safety was paramount.

Given the frequency congestion in our area (just outside of New York City) the process was a long and difficult one. Although originally engaged to perform a frequency search and license our new channel, HHW Group went above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed. In addition to obtaining the frequency needed for a repeater pair, we now have a second backup repeater pair which has become mission critical.

Without charging us for the additional services HHW Group also handled a transfer of authorization, prepared and licensed frequencies for a neighboring agency, created all of our letters of concurrence for us to put on our letterhead. Even after our initial application was rejected by the FCC, HHW worked with the frequency coordinators (public safety and business) and the FCC to get the necessary approvals and finally our new channels. This process was more arduous and daunting than initially expected, but HHW Group was confident and reassuring throughout the process. Ray Hayling demonstrated a great deal of expertise in the industry and explained every step in detail along the way, making us feel confident as well.

Happily for us we are now operating on our new frequencies today. It was a long battle, but HHW Group stuck it out and got it done.

I would definitely use them again for any of our needs."


Lt Conrad Hablitz
Weehawken PD

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