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Management Consulting:

to help organizations improve their performance through analysis of existing organizational problems

Management Consulting

Change Management

We help organizations develop a culture of change that exploits the strengths of their ongoing operations and reinvigorates the entrepreneurial spirit.

HHW Group understands that successful change is a result of careful planning, the right strategy, and innovation. Tomorrow's most successful organizations will have a systematic process in place that nurtures an environment that encourages the seeds of innovation.

HHW Group offers the following services to assist our clients in the change management process:

  • Readiness assessments
  • Communication and communication planning
  • Coaching and manager training for change management
  • Training and employee training development
  • Sponsor activities and sponsor roadmaps
  • Resistance management
  • Data collection, feedback analysis and corrective action
Case Study

HHW’s Wireless/Radio Division Helps Improve Operations 25% and increase revenue by 50%.


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