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Client Success Stories

Read PDFAvoiding Costly FCC Fines & Interruption of Operations

ChallengeA packing and logistics company allowed their FCC license to expire and they needed the license for operations and security.

ResultAllowed the company to operate on its licenses without interruption to its operations and saved the company the time and the cost of re applying for frequencies and reprogramming all of their radio equipment.

Read PDFLaw Enforcement Technology Compliance

ChallengeA municipal law enforcement agency sought to update its technology architecture to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

ResultAgency was able to retool over 80% of its infrastructure on budget and on time while meeting compliance objectives.

Read PDFCloud or Not to Cloud That is the Question

ChallengeA boutique financial services firm needed to decide whether to move it operations into the cloud or stay on premises.

ResultThe firm was able to use the methodology to move its non-core operations into the cloud at a large savings

Read PDFHHW’s Wireless/Radio Division Helps Improve Operations 25% & increase revenue by 50%.

ChallengeA government owned utility provider's disjointed radio systems were unable to communicate with each other due to limitations on frequencies and the use of different frequency bands at different sites.

ResultHHW’s team conducted an assessment of the various modes of communications that the utility was using. From this assessment HHW provided various options for improving communications in the field to the utility and produced a matrix which explained how each solution met the various needs identified by the utility.

Read PDFHHW Helps Police Department Improve Officer Safety by Solving Radio System Interference Problem.

ChallengeThe Rumson, NJ police dept. radio system was a mess. Their FCC licenses needed to be updated, they needed to narrowband their radio system. Worst of all the wideband radio system was experiencing debilitating interference from a large northern New Jersey police department who was legally licensed on their input channel.

ResultHHW worked with the APCO and the FCC to obtain and license a new frequency for Rumson. Once their IT radio vendor installed the equipment to the specs that HHW recommended the Rumson system has been working great.

Read PDF HHW Helps Boutique Hedge Fund Stabilize and Secure Network and Improve Regulatory Requirements

ChallengeThe introduction of Sarbanes Oxley has significantly increased the requirements for financial firms when it comes to cyber security, privacy and reporting IT incidents. This creates a large non-core expenditure for this hedge fund which is now required by regulation.

ResultAs a result of the solution recommended, installed and maintained by HHW the hedge fund has seen a significant decrease in the amount of SPAM, viruses, malware and DDoS attacks that their network was experiencing. Additionally, the use of the virtual CIO helped management identify the need for a comprehensive set of IT Policies, IT plan for the quarter and tested incident response and disaster recovery plans.

Dee Hock, Founder of Visa

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