FirstNet is here. Now what?

With AT&T releasing it new FirstNet logo and signing up its first two customers many agencies are wondering what this means for them.

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing guidance on how to evaluate the use of FirstNet versus the services in use today by most public safety agencies.  Our experts, who have managed, consulted for and run large scale public safety agencies will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision and make the best use of your agency’s limited budget.



AT&T disclosed its new logo for its FirstNet service.

AT&T has now released its branding around its FirstNet services.  Looking to stress that FirstNet is a public safety only communications platform to help public safety save lives AT&T has released a dedicated brand for the platform.

 AT&T unveiled the new visual identity for FirstNet products and services. Designed with only public safety in mind, this brand is rooted in 3 essential elements:
  • Symbol – 3 horizontal lines represent the distinct but interconnected disciplines of public safety. They’re united in communications, symbolized by a notch in the lower right corner. This forms a speech bubble that signifies seamless communication and harmonious interoperation for first responders nationwide.
  • Wordmark – FIRSTNET. We’ve bolded “first” to show that this network is, first and foremost, a solution for firstresponders. The technology will never be more important than the first responders it benefits. This platform belongs to them. They fought for it, and they will continue to guide its development. Plus, they’ll always be first in line for service.
  • Attribution – “Built with AT&T.” We chose each word carefully to reflect the brand’s commitment to public safety.
    • Built: This is a new effort, new solution and new network that is purpose-built for first responders. It’s the only communications platform dedicated to public safety. And there’s nothing else like it in the market.
    • With: Collaboration with first responders will always be our foundation.
    • AT&T: This is a solution built with the expertise of the nation’s largest and most reliable network provider.* So, first responders can rely on it for their technology and communications needs.

AT&T – FirstNet  senior vice president Chris Sambar stated “We’ll begin rolling out this new brand today. Whenever first responders see it, they can be  confident that they are getting something just for them. It’s built in collaboration with them, backed by the expertise of AT&T and approved with the advocacy of the First Responder Network Authority.”

The story of FirstNet is far from over.  As the platform is built out it will be interesting to see how it unfolds and whether FirstNet can truly provide a cost effective and superior solution to other carriers offerings.  Although all states and territories have opted in to the FirstNet buildout, public safety agencies nationwide have no requirement to use the fee-based FirstNet services.

How An Outside Expert Can Help Improve Innovation

In most office or business settings, you always work with the same group of people. You get to know each other very well, and you share ideas and make your business grow. However, what happens when you reach a point where you have stagnated and the business is not growing? Can your same team develop new ideas to stimulate an increase in profits? What else could you be doing?

By bringing in an external expert to help with the team’s innovation, you can jump start your progress and get your team and your business moving in the right direction. Your team has a limited background and limited set of skills. By bringing in even just one new person with a different skill set, you can drastically alter the direction of your business.

To make the most of an outside expert or consultant, make sure you set the stage with your team first. The team needs to know that their opinions are still valued, but that you are pushing them to grow and see the business and the problems in a different way. This expert can help. When you want innovation within a team, having a new set of eyes – even if they aren’t as familiar with the intimate details of your business – can make a dramatic improvement. Simply by asking questions – the right questions – the expert consultant can open the eyes of your existing team and create an innovate environment for all.

Because they are not long-term employees, external consultants are often able to be more direct and honest about the business situation. Often, this candor encourages people to see things as they really are instead of how they want them to be. Once the problem is more clearly defined with the help of the new expert consultant, it is often a collaborative effort between the external consultant and the existing team to innovate a solution to the problem.

Another advantage to bringing in an outside expert is that this expert is not afraid to ask questions. Often, having a new set of eyes on the team can trigger questions that were once considered as given assumptions. By challenging these assumptions, true innovation can begin. Once the artificial barriers are broken down by the questions and queries of the outsider, the team can begin to rebuild their base of assumptions and change their entire outlook on the problem and its potential solutions.

Bringing in an outside expert to help with innovation and problem solving can drastically shift the climate of your workplace. The existing team will begin to see the problem and potential solutions in a new manner and will begin to question their own assumptions. Bringing in someone with a different background can also add to the knowledge and skill base of the team and lead to a more varied and better list of solutions for the problem. Even after the external consultant leaves, the team will continue to have improved innovation based on their experiences.

FirstNet Outlines Operational Readiness, First 100-Days for Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

FirstNet Board and executive team

December 14, 2016 (Sacramento): The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) today outlined its readiness for a public-private partnership to deploy the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (Network), including a plan to ensure progress on key Network components in the first 100 days of the partnership.

Meeting today in Sacramento, California, the FirstNet Board and executive team discussed major steps in the evolution of FirstNet as an operational entity.  The Board also addressed how FirstNet will meet the objectives for initial deployment of the Network. Specifically, FirstNet leadership focused on the critical work to be completed during the first 100 days on core design and technology roadmaps, the state plans portal, and other network components.

We are now in implementation mode and stand ready to move forward on this Network for public safety,” said FirstNet Chair Sue Swenson. “The first 100 days will be critical to setting the foundation for success; we are prepared from both an operational and planning standpoint to deliver public safety the network they deserve.

During today’s quarterly Board meeting, FirstNet officials highlighted the organization’s operational readiness.  This includes, among other actions, the following capabilities and functions:

  • A network operations team to lead coordination on network design and other components;
  • A customer service team to prepare for delivering service, driving adoption and providing a public safety grade customer experience;
  • A forward-looking budget to ensure the most effective use of funds for the implementation of a public-private partnership and the Network;
  • A world class innovation and test lab and technical team are built to foster innovation for public safety; and
  • Independent procurement authority to enable more efficient and decisive purchasing of goods and services.

“ We now have the people, the processes, and the infrastructure in place to ensure a successful public-private partnership to deploy the Network,” said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth. “As an advocate and steward for public safety, it will be our job to ensure the Network meets their needs and objectives.  FirstNet stands ready for this awesome responsibility.”

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