NG 9-1-1 Makes Progress in 2017

Each year, the National 911 Program and the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) collaborate to collect the most comprehensive data on:

  • funding and revenue,
  • text-to-911,
  • progress toward implementing NG911 and
  • more.

Data is submitted voluntarily and is available through the Program’s National 911 Profile Database  and they

  • the Program and NASNA work together to analyze the results,
  • identify trends and
  • share the findings in the annual National 911 Progress Report.

The report calls out three major findings in its executive summary.

  1. The majority of 9-1-1 calls are increasingly received from cellphones.
  2. In addition, progress is being made toward implementing NG 9-1-1.
  3. 9-1-1 authorities are capable of using NG 9-1-1 infrastructure to process and interpret location and caller information for all service types in 21 percent of reporting states.

The report provides the segmented information state 911 leaders, legislators and policy makers need to make informed decisions about 911 services in their jurisdictions. The results of the data collection can have the ability to help a state advocate for policy changes, increased funding and more.

Here is the latest report:

National 911 Program Profile Database Progress Report 2017

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